SIRIUS Device Recovery
SIRIUS Device Recovery for Stiletto products (SL2, SL100 and SL10)
SIRIUS Device Recovery (SDR) is a software application that helps you recover your Stiletto (SL2, SL100 or SL10) in the event of a complete system failure.

The SIRIUS Device Recovery program retrieves the latest version of software for your Stiletto from the Sirius website. You will need to be connected to the Internet before you begin the device recovery process. It is recommended that you connect to the Internet using a high-speed connection – DSL or better – in order to minimize the time to download the software, which can exceed 50MB.

NOTE: Performing device recovery WILL ERASE the entire contents on your Stiletto: all music, Sirius recordings, channel presets and any user preferences. The Stiletto will be reset to its original factory state.

Download SIRIUS Device Recovery software here.
Sirius Device Recovery User Guide