Update Release Date: March 16, 2008
A mandatory software update is required for ALL S50 Subscribers

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You must download and install this new S50 update to maintain uninterrupted service.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio is making improvements to our broadcast systems. In order to maintain uninterrupted service, you must download and install the latest update to your S50. In most cases, installing the updates will not affect your loved songs or recorded talk programs. This update will take you about half an hour to install and we will provide step by step instructions to help you.

As an alternative, if you own an S50 with an active subscription, you can send your S50 to SIRIUS. SIRIUS will Update & Return your S50 at no charge.

Do you have a CAR DOCK or HOME DOCK for your SIRIUS S50?

Car Dock
Home Dock

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For additional product support or further help, call SIRIUS Product at 1-800-869-5364.
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