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SIRIUS is currently making some changes to enhance our broadcast network and support new services. The majority of these improvements are being made through modifications to our Satellite broadcasting systems. To assure uninterrupted service once these changes are in place, most Dock & Play, In-vehicle and home radios will receive updated device software. See below for a complete list of affected devices.

Receiving this update requires no action on your part; software is downloaded to the device automatically via our satellites while the radio is tuned to any SIRIUS channel. Subscribers may see a "SIRIUS Updating" or "Updating" message displayed briefly once the download is complete. Otherwise, the update should not affect any of your personal settings – channel locks, sports settings, or FM transmitter frequencies. In a few cases, channel presets may be lost.

These changes are unrelated to a recent letter or e-mail you may have received regarding FCC power output. This has no impact on that function, and you should follow the instructions contained in the communication.

If you would like to assure your radio receives the update as quickly as possible, we suggest leaving your radio turned on and receiving signal for a period of at least 3 continuous hours. If you are unable to do that, don't worry, the update will occur eventually as long as you continue to use your radio and enjoy Sirius programming.

For more information or questions about this update, contact Sirius customer support at 800-869-5364. 

Models included:

Starmate Replay (ST-2) Stratus 4 (SV-4)
Starmate 3 (ST-3) Xact Visor (XTR3)
Sportster 3 (SP-3) Streamer GTR (SIR-GTR)
Sportster 4 (SP-4) AudioVOX PNP5 (SIR-PNP5)
Sirius One (SV-1) SIR-GM2L (GM DLP for Hertz)
Stratus (SV-3) SIR-PNR2 (Pioneer DLP)
SC-C1 (Sirius Connect for Car) – many possible head unit attachments (such as JVC, Kenwood, Sony, Alpine, Panasonic, Pioneer, Eclipse, Clarion, Magnadyne, Jensen, JBL, Lectronix, Fusion, MBQuart) SC-H1 (Sirius Connect for Home) – many possible A/V receiver attachments (such as Onkyo, Sony, Yamaha, Pioneer, Marantz)
Conductor (SC-H1W) SC-H2P (Sirius Connect for Home Professional)
SRH-1000 (Home Tuner)